Apple Support for Business

Proactively Managed Apple Support & Consulting

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Apple Support for Business

Many Kansas City area small business owners and entrepreneurs rely on us to proactively manage their network, Mac servers and Apple environment. We offer scalable levels of dedicated, proactive style support plans. In the long term, the cost of ownership can be dramatically reduced under a real time monitored and managed service agreement. We also offer discounted onsite service retainer plans establish occasional onsite maintenance.

Our Apple certified consultants and support professionals provide Kansas City area businesses with proactive Apple IT support services. From device management to scalable Mac OS server services with real time monitoring - you can count on us as your dedicated Apple technology partner.
  • Single Mac Station
  • $25
  • Billed Monthly
  • Proactive Monitoring & Routine Software Maintenance
  • Single Mac Server
  • $65
  • Billed Monthly
  • Real Time Server Services & Network Monitoring
  • Single iOS Device
  • $10
  • Billed Monthly
  • Mobile Device Management & Deployment

Proactive Onsite Apple Support

Looking for a dedicated IT partner? Many Kansas City area businesses and home-based offices rely on us to keep their networks humming, workflows moving and backups ultra reliable. We even go as far as installing our own customized monitoring software that reports back to us for many common issues before they become disasters. It's simply the best support experience we can provide in addition to coming onsite on a regular basis. When approached in a preventative style, rather than reactive, it has proven time and again to reduce costs and employee downtime.

We offer a full range of scalable and personalized levels of dedicated & proactive support plans. If managed correctly, the Apple platform can be a very viable and reliable solution for your business without having to pay somebody a full-time salary to support and manage your Mac environment. In the long term, the cost of ownership can be dramatically reduced under a proactive managed service agreement or discounted retainer plan from MetroMacs.

Here at MetroMacs, we take on a personable style approach to your Mac-based IT support. We know it's just as important to get to know you and your team, as well as your complete network environment. Not only that, communicating issues with us couldn't be easier with our powerful, yet easy to use, MCS (MetroMacs Client Support) support desk system for our larger managed clients.

Apple Certified Professionals