• Easy peasy. Shane was very helpful and got my cracked screen repaired as needed. Reasonably priced and friendly service. Warranty is a nice surprise. Totally recommended.
    Nomad F.
  • I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. The staff is very friendly. I went on my lunch break and they finished fixing my iPhone 5s within 15 minutes. Prices were very reasonable compared to others.
    Nidia C.
  • Super friendly and professional. Overall I had a stellar Mac computer repair experience at my home office. I would use them again and recommend to anyone in need of certified Apple help.
    Sharon P.
  • I dropped my iPhone and completely shattered the screen. Although I have insurance, my deductible was $170 so I explored the costs of just replacing the screen. Thank goodness I did; thank goodness I found MetroMacs. I was able to set up an appointment with MetroMacs online. Once there, they had my phone screen replaced and looking like new in 10 minutes for $110. I would highly recommend MetroMacs to anyone looking to replace an iPhone screen. They have great prices (best I found when calling around) and excellent service.
    Jessica N.
  • I found MetroMacs by just searching on Google and they happened to be conveniently located near my office so I thought I'd give it a try. Their website was very straightforward and clearly laid out pricing options. They offer online appointments and send text confirmation and reminders. I was able to get an appointment for the next day over lunch (they had earlier availability). I arrived ten minutes early and was helped right away and was out the door with a new screen ten minutes later. The man who helped me was also very friendly.
    Lindsay L.
  • I am an IT systems manager for a large corporation in Kansas City and I have worked on and off with Shane over the years on various projects typically dealing with implementation strategy for our group of Macs and Apple devices. He has shown consistent professionalism and keeps us in the loop regarding the latest in security and network protocols, which is obviously our biggest concern on all fronts.
    Mark S.
  • 5 stars all the way! Andrew from Metro Macs helped our law firm switch over from Windows PC/Server to Macs after coordinating our equipment purchase at Micro Center. This was a month ago and we are still running solid. The new server was preconfigured and ready to go. From helping us set up our domain to being able to use my iPad in the courtroom to securely connect to our office server is exactly what we wanted. While we had a learning curve at first they helped us the entire way. Needless to say I highly recommend this business if you need competent network and Mac help.
    Shelly W.
  • Our family experienced outstanding service from Shane (our service technician) whom visited our home last week. He was punctual, pet friendly, and went right to work after explaining what he was going to do first. Everything is still running perfectly since he left! After all of the stress from not knowing what all was wrong with our iMac, it was relieving to finally have it fixed without going through the hassle and chaos inside the Apple Stores! Thanks again for the painless experience!
    Fred A.
  • Andrew did an awesome job on my Dad's iPad. At first he thought I went out and bought him a new one for Father's Day. We had a good laugh because he didn't even think it could be fixed and there is was like new. I really appreciated how they were able to be accommodating as a last minute gift idea. Amazing service.
    Stacy H.
  • I foolishly put my unprotected iPhone on my car hood in order to load some packages into the car. I turned just in time to see my phone slide off, making a nice arc on its way to the concrete driveway. The screen was completely shattered. Using their web site, I made a 2:00 pm appointment with MetroMacs. My screen was replaced the same day, and my phone is good as new. MetroMacs prices are very reasonable, and their service is friendly and quick! I definitely recommend them, and I will use them again if the need arises.
    Ben M.

Shane Blanchett MetroMacs Apple Consultant | Mac Technician
Shane Blanchett
Co-Founder & CEO | On-site Consultant

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Background & Experience

Shane brings well over 25 years of experience using and working on Macs, from his first Apple IIGS, to his latest MacBook Pro sporting the new Quad-core and Thunderbolt technology. It's just one of the latest additions to the many Macs he has owned and collected over the years.

He officially started his professional Apple career working for Newer Technology Inc., a third party Apple hardware developer and engineering firm formerly out of Wichita, KS, as the Technical Services Manager till late 2000. He had overseen the Technical Support Departments that entailed (phone / web / email) Testing, Component Level Debug and RMA.

NewerTech was well known for engineering and pioneering the very first G3 processor upgrades for legacy Macs before Apple released it on their own systems as well as other various USB, video and hardware devices. They also made RAM module upgrades under the name of NewerRAM (before being sold off), completely engineered and designed in-house specifically for Apple computers requiring high quality low power fully buffered RAM.

Shane Blanchett
Early on while being an Apple enthusiast & fanatic, he co-founded and was President of the Hutchinson Macintosh Users Group (a non-profit computer users group) while in school from 1994-97. During that time the group, known as HMUG for short, was an official member of the Apple User Group Connection.

His most defining and memorable experience with an Apple product was with the Apple IIGS. He instantly fell in love with it’s ProDOS System 6 GUI operating system, which over time, set the foundation for the first Mac. While in middle school and being fascinated by computers from an early age, it was a no brainer he took Computer Programming and "Intro to Computers" in his 7th grade and wrote simple Pro Dos Apple II BASIC programs. While taking these classes he often was the one teaching since he has already being self-taught on most aspects of computer and programming theory by reading books at the local library at the age of 10.

At the age of 10, his first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 with a cassette tape drive for storage which was eventually replaced with an Apple IIGS, 3.5in drive and an Apple RGB monitor. And just in case you are curious, this is indeed the classic Radio Shack Tandy BASIC programming language book on top of the Sony TV/CRT monitor.
Hutchinson Macintosh Users Group
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This photo was taken in the Summer of 1995, during the time when it wasn't really "cool" to own a Mac. It shows Shane's (now vintage)
Quadra 630 which sported an add-on TV tuner device from Apple. The third-party ADB bus game controller was used primarily to play Swoop from Ambrosia Software.

The Mac was also used to host a dial-up BBS service from
Hermes and was eventually replaced by the GUI based Tele-Finder BBS.

While holding college degrees in Computer Science & Programming, he obtained his first Apple Certified Macintosh Certificate April of 2000 and remains current on all of the following Apple Certifications.