Shane Blanchett

CEO & Co-founder of MetroMacs

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Shane Blanchett MetroMacs CEO
Shane Blanchett
CEO & Co-founder / Apple Certified Consultant
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Apple Certified Macintosh Technician / ACMT
Apple Certified Support Professional / ACSP
Apple Certified Server Administrator / ACSA
Apple Certified Product Professional / ACPP

Shane Blanchett is a highly motivated entrepreneur and business owner. His most defining and memorable experience with an Apple product was with the Apple IIGS. He instantly fell in love with it’s ProDOS System 6 GUI operating system, which over time, set the foundation for the first Mac. While in middle school and being fascinated by computers from an early age, it was a no brainer he took Computer Programming and "Intro to Computers" in his 7th grade and wrote simple Pro Dos Apple II BASIC programs. While taking these classes he often was the one teaching since he has already being self-taught on most aspects of computer and programming theory by reading books at the local library at the age of 10.
Shane Blanchett
While holding college degrees in Computer Science & Programming, Shane Blanchett obtained his first Apple Certified Macintosh Certificate April of 2000.

Early on while being an Apple enthusiast & fanatic, he co-founded and was President of the Hutchinson Macintosh Users Group (a non-profit computer users group) while in school from 1994-97. During that time the group, known as HMUG for short, was an official member of the Apple User Group Connection.
At the age of 10, his first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 with a cassette tape drive for storage which was eventually replaced with an Apple IIGS, 3.5in drive and an Apple RGB monitor. And just in case you are curious, this is indeed the classic Radio Shack Tandy BASIC programming language book on top of the Sony TV/CRT monitor.
Hutchinson Kansas Macintosh Users Group
Shane Blanchett Mac Quadra 630
This photo was taken in the Summer of 1995, during the time when it wasn't really "cool" to own a Mac. It shows Shane's (now vintage) Quadra 630 which sported an add-on TV tuner device from Apple. The third-party ADB bus game controller was used primarily to play Swoop from Ambrosia Software.

The Mac was also used to host a dial-up
BBS service from Hermes and was eventually replaced by the GUI based Tele-Finder BBS.